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October 28, 2011




The photograph is so ubiquitous in our lives that we rarely think about it much, if at all, in our daily lives. It is in everything from print advertising to every form of online media. An even more ever present fixture in our lives is the sun itself. Given these conditions, it is somewhat startling to walk into the current show, “Ride Into the Sun,” of Chris McCaw’s photographs at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, where we are treated to an innovative new way of photographing and reminded of the import...

October 22, 2011




Julie Heffernan “Self-Portrait Moving Out,” 2010 (oil on canvas, 54 x 78 inches) (Image Courtesy of Catharine Clark Gallery)


Walking into 'Boy, O Boy II', the newest show at Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, one could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a show of period works from a century long past, at least for a moment. The newest works by artist Julie Heffernan, done in a style renaissance and academic in origin but with a contemporary twist, show the artists latest tur...

October 3, 2011


Installation view of 'Confiscated' at Jack Fischer Gallery, September 2011 showing (left to right) 'Bull's Eye', 2011, 'Homeland Security Advisory', 2011, 'Untitled', 2011, and 'Fear Culture 2', 2011 (image courtesy of Jack Fischer Gallery)



In the latest show ‘Confiscated’ at the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, the Berkeley based conceptual artist Michele Pred has revisited a body of work that remains current in light of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks in 2001. One o...

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