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February 16, 2013



When I first encountered the work of Colter Jacobsen at the 2010 SECA Award Exhibition (see my review of the show here), it did not engage me, though I thought it well executed. Also, I was not entirely sure of its intellectual underpinnings and its relevance to the world that we live in today. Having considered his work a good deal since then, the new show at Gallery Paule Anglim has provided me with the opportunity to re-assess and with engage with the ideas he is exploring.




Colter Jacobse...

February 1, 2013




On January 27 the show ‘Renaissance on Fillmore 1955 – 65' closed at The di Rosa in Napa, CA. This important show contained numerous works from the Fillmore group of artists and exhibited them a historical context that has only begun to be fully investigated by the greater art world.

In the 1950s, art in the United States went through a period of drastic change and upheaval. Abstract Expressionism (AbEx) dominated New York for much of this period, and the style and ideas it engendered were pra...

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