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May 29, 2015





The season for MFA graduation shows is upon us and with the run of these shows being so short it’s easy to miss them. I made it to ‘Edge Effect’, the exhibition for the San Francisco Art Institute’s current crop of MFAs on the last day it was up (it was up for less than a week). In fact, as I was finishing up my tour parts of it were already being taken down. This was the second show I saw this year and I must say that I like the venue a lot more than the other one I saw. One reviewer descri...

May 20, 2015




Every year across the country during May and June, art schools and universities graduate a new class of MFA graduates. Going to an MFA exhibition is a bit like opening birthday gifts in that you don’t know what you are going to get and it is guaranteed that there will be a wide variety of work to look at. The ‘2015 MFA Thesis Show’ at the California College of the Arts (CCA) has highlights, pitfalls, and works in the middle, but this is par for the course as this these things go. I encountere...

May 17, 2015








Will Yackulic at Gregory Lind Gallery (Photo by Greg Flood) 


Seth Koen at Gregory Lind Gallery (Photo by Greg Flood)


Karla Wozniak at Gregory Lind Gallery (Photo by Greg Flood)



Walking farther down the corridor, I came upon the booth for Gregory Lind Gallery. Standouts this year include a large painting by Karla Wozniak, small sculptures of wood and knitted thread by Seth Koen, and a drawing by Will Yackulic made with a typewriter and graphite on typewriter embossed...

May 4, 2015


 Vik Muniz at Rena Bransten Gallery


This year’s Art Market San Francisco fair arrived with a great opening night party at Fort Mason Center. This is the annual convention of the Bay Area art world, where old friends catch up, rivalries and even hostilities are sometimes renewed, and a general accounting of what has been happening in the art world around the bay is taken. While this is all well and good, the quality of the galleries attracted to showing at this fair does nothing to represent the...

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