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Greg S. Flood



Photo by Celso Rodrigues

Greg Flood is an Artist, Curator, Collector, Critic, and Media Professional. 


Greg has degrees in Art Practice and Art History from Sonoma State University and is a photographer, sculptor, and drawer. His photographs are a synthesized response to the age of information overload and the era of photoshop manipulations. In his sculptures and drawings he explores the weaving of mythological narratives with experiential abstraction.


For the past four years Greg has published a column on art exhibitis in the San Francisco Bay Area for  He has also been published in Beautiful Decay Magazine.  The artists and events he has covered include:  Roy De Forest, Katy Grannan, Peter Hujar, Nan Goldin, Pegan Brooke, Dawoud Bey, Paul Scheik, Chris McCaw, Nina Katchadourian, Michele Pred, Julia Margaret Cameron, Paule Anglim, J. John Priola, Waxin Zhang, Ruth Pastine, James Gobel, Mike Henderson, Art Market 2015, Art Market 2014, Jennah Ward, Nathaiel Price, artMRKT 2013, ArtPadSF 2013, Christopher Taggart, Colter Jacobson, Jay DeFeo, the San Francisco Fillmore Group of Artists, Cindy Sherman, Oakland Art Murmur, Lauren DiCiccio, artMRKT 2012, ArtPad 2012, Emma Harris Sintamarian, Cassandra C. Jones, John Chiara, Aubrey Lerner, The SECA Retrospective, The SECA 2010 Award, David Molesky, Julie Heffernan, Ed Osborn, Travis Collinson, Chris Jehly, Brian Barneclo, and Kurt Kemp.


In 2011, Greg curated an exhibition of rock posters created for the legendary 'Bill Graham Presents' concert series in the late 1960s at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Focusing primarily on the work of artist Wes Wilson and the revolutionary psychedelic art style he created, the exhibition also included works from Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Victor Moscoso, Bonnie MacLean, Peter Bailey, John H. Myers, Edmund Shea, Heinrich Kley, Herb Greene, Alphose Mucha, and Edward Joseph Sullivan.


In 2013, he also curated a solo show of the contemporary painter David Molesky entitled A Long Moment: Narratives by David Molesky at a.Muse Gallery in San Francisco.  The exhibition highlighted selections drawn primarily from the artist's narrative series, but also included selections of his portraits and drawings.


Greg launched SFGraffitiBlog in 2014 on Tumblr to showcase his growing collection of graffiti stickers and street ephemera.  Each day a new piece is posted to showcase the diversity of talent and provide a record of this short lived medium of expression.


Beginning in 2015, Greg launched Second Star Projects in his home located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Second Star Projects is a physical and digital venue dedicated to supporting artists by presenting their work in an alternative physical space to traditional commercial venues, and by promoting it through a series of small events and video interviews published on the web.  By showing the work of both emerging and established artists in a domestic setting, Second Star Projects provides for the evaluation of art in a context that is largely absent from the discourse of art today – the home. The primary viewing experince for these exhibitions will be through its online web series At Home with Art


Greg is currently dividing his time between his studio work, his writing, and Second Star Projects.  He is also raising a herd of feral cats in his backyard. 

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