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Greg S. Flood



With the constant barrage of information and media coming at us in gigantic amounts on a constant basis, we have been overwhelmed into submission and are now tasked with sorting information rather than really understanding it.  His photographs are also a challenge to the underlying validity of the photographic image itself. 


Since the very creation of the technology, photographers have been manipulating the photographic image to a greater or lesser degree from its basis in reality.  In the era of photoshop, the ability to alter an image taken of the world around us in such a way that the manipulations appear completely real has drained away what truth and validity the image once held.  In response to both the overload of information and the era of photoshop manipulations, Greg has created images culled from existing images and texts, combining them to create results that do not attempt to fool the viewer into believing the image came from reality, while at the same time seeking to reflect a truth about the world around us through carful assesment of the barrage of information around us. 

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