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Greg S. Flood

Professional Services


Greg Flood offers a variety of services to artists, galleries, museums, and other art world professionals.  From video, photography, and web media, to pedestal and mount production, to curation and exhibition design, a wide range of services are available to help you or your organization grow and succeed.

Video Production
Website Creation & Management

While still images are essential to showing art, consider what a short interview can do to increase your exposure.  Internet users are more likely to watch a short interview that they are to read a full written article about your work.  A video can convey more to your audience while presenting your work in the best possible way, especially sulpture and installations.  Contact me if you would like to have a video of your work made or an interview discussion recorded and published.  My rates are very reasonable and I am willing to work with your budget.

Having a clean, easy to use, and up to date website is essential to any artist or organization today.  It provides the best venue for presenting all of your work in one place in a cohesive way through your point of view.  If you like the website you see here, contact me with your web needs today. I work on projects large and small, and can tailer the design to match your wants and desires. 

Curation & Exhibition Design

Having a regular column on has shown me the value of having a continued presence on the web and the value of great content.  Check out my Art Writing page to see all of my columns and interiews.  I have also written texts for exhibition catalogues and for Beautiful Decay Magazine.

Since 2009, I have been an Independent Curator in the San Francisco Bay Area. To date I have designed and curated two exhibitions, one of which was a solo show for painter David Molesky.  The other was a historic show that focused on the Rock Posters created for the Bill Graham Presents concert series in San Francisco during the late 1960s.  Full access to the shows can be found on my Curatorial Projects page. I currently have a number of shows in development, but am always open to new ideas or requests to consult on projects as they are developed. 

Mounts & Pedestals

If you are are in need of professional pedestals, hounts, shelves, or other custom elements for a work or show, I have years of experience in creating these pieces for artists and institutions.  I offer very competative rates based on the complexity of the request. 

Preparatory Services

I have worked on over 40 shows that variously employed every medium of art over the last 10 years.  Whatever your needs may be, including packing, installation, moving, shipping, repairs, or other exhibition request, I have the skills and ability to meet your needs.  For smaller jobs I have a flat hourly rate that I charge.  For larger projects, we can work out cost requirements base on the scale and type of requests involved. 


If you are looking to have your art work or exhibition photographed for archival or publishing needs, look no further.  I have years of experience and the professional equipment that will guarantee your images will look great no matter what you use them for.  I have a falt hourly rate for my services and am very flexible with my availability to accomodate your schedule. 

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