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Greg S. Flood



Maraude's Labyrinth

Dimensions:  Height: 98 inches


Length: 308 inches

Depth: 264 inches


Each Panel:


Height: 96 inches

Width: 47 inches

Maraudes Labyrinth embodies the story of Maraude and the Destruction of the World.  I created this work in 2006 as my final project for achieving my BA in Sculpture at Sonoma State University.  The labyrinth is designed so that the viewer can walk through it completely and meditate upon the story carved into its walls. Each of the 36 panels depicts a scene from the myth of Maraude. The labyrinth is designed so that the viewer can experience how Maraude felt at the time of his demise when standing at its center - trapped in a cage of his own making and not sure how to get out. 

The Story of Maraude

Maraude was born into a well off family in a small town.  He grew up to believe that the world should be controlled and be what he wanted it to be.  After discovering in school that people wouldn't just do as he said and getting into fights about it, he left home to change that.  He rose to power in conniving ways to achieve his goal, gaining wealth, and some power.  Wanting more, he raised an army and set about conquering everything in order to bring it to his will.  Maraude was mercilous, killing billions and destroying the world's resources to achieve his goals.  There was resistance.  The people of the world rose to fight back, but one by one they all were conquered and destroyed.  Maurade burned all of the land and cities until there was nothing left. 


When Maurade claimed his final victory he stood and looked back at all that he had conquered.  All he saw was a desolate wasteland, still smouldering from his army's destructive path, with nothing left to live on.   Realizing this, Maraude's army turned on each other for survival, while Maraude fled.  The army perished at its own hands and Maraude took his own life, dying at the hands of his own ignorance. 


All went into chaos for a time, but through it all the planet itself survived.  The rains came again and washed the land clean.  From the depths of the ocean came a cocoon with a long teather and it washed on to the land.  After all of the destruction, the life force of the mycellium still continued.  The mycellium devoured the outer layers of the cocoon, revealing a giant seed.  It spread from the cocoon and slowly covered all of the land of the earth.  It nourished the soils, providing nutrients for plants to grow from. 

Slideshow: A Selection of  Labyrinth Panels

From the seed grew a giant silver tree with copper leaves and beautiful white flowers.  In the darkness, for the sun was blacked out by all of the lingering smoke, this tree shone with a magical brilliance.  The flowers bloomed, and from them came birds, bees, and all of the winged creatures of the world.  When the flowers fruited, the winged creatures ate them and flew with the wind across the land, spreading the seeds from inside the fruit as they went.  With the next rains all of the plants of the world grew again.  When the tree flowered again, inside appeared large golden eggs.  When the eggs fell and cracked on the ground, they revealed all of the land animals of the world in them. From within one of the eggs came a man and another a woman.  From them humanity began again.  The mycellium let this all happen.  It is from their memory that life returned, for they are the creators of everything. 

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